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Three Construction Services from Commercial Construction Contractors

Construction project team examines a commercial construction project's progress.

Learn the difference between three common construction services.

When you think about a commercial construction company, what do you think of? A company who physically builds a large-scale building like an office or shopping mall? While that’s right, commercial construction contractors do more than just build the structure. They can offer a wide range of construction services to help owners and developers bring projects to life and keep them in tip-top-shape over the course of their life. You can include a contractor at the start of a project to leverage their expertise from the get-go. Or if your project is designed and ready to break ground, a commercial contractor can do what they do best — build it.

Let’s explore three common construction services commercial construction companies offer and how they relate to your project’s wants and needs.

Concept Planning

So, you have a big idea or a dream for a new project. Maybe even a sketch of what you want it to look like on cocktail napkin. Concept planning is taking that big idea and determining:

  1. Is it actually possible?
  2. Does the cost pencil out to make it possible? A commercial construction contractor can help you determine if you have the budget, timeline and location. Need to know if your dream is out of budget? Ask a contractor who deals with estimates and budgets daily and has a pulse on the latest market trends. Want help evaluating a potential location? A contractor who has built hundreds of buildings can bring a new perspective and keen assessment of existing conditions and potential issues. Plus, a contractor can help find the rest of the team from architect and engineer to potential partners and financing.

By the end of the concept planning phase, you have a ballpark budget, rough schedule and a quality team. And all of that sets you up for success as you move to the preconstruction phase.


The lion’s share of a project’s success is determined before a shovel even hits the ground. The preconstruction process is a calculated, collaborative effort. Using next to nothing for a design, commercial construction contractors can produce estimates with substantial detail and accuracy. As the design progresses, preconstruction teams use their expertise and creativity to share recommendations for cost- and time-saving options. The value of early insight really shines through when you can identify and eliminate potential risks. Typical deliverables in the preconstruction phase include cost estimates, system analysis, a procurement schedule (necessary with long, lead-time items), master schedule, market trend evaluations, site logistics, 3D modeling, permitting and much more.


Construction management and general contracting services handle all aspects of a construction project, including hiring subcontractors, managing the project timeline, budget and resources. The project team manages the day-to-day operations of the job and acts as the owner’s representative, ensuring the we complete the project to the owner’s satisfaction.

When you bring a commercial construction contractor into the project in the early phases, they can share their experience and expertise during preconstruction phase all the way through construction. Think of it as everyone is on the same side of the table, working together to maximize value and deliver on the project goals. They collect competitive bids for all trade contracts to ensure you get the best price from qualified subcontractors. They collaborate to find the best sequence of operations and outline best practices for quality and safety.

Deliverables for construction services include the finished project (duh) . But also includes many things throughout the project lifecycle including regular safety inspections, quality control, document management, testing and inspecting, and owner training.

There’s no questioning it — construction projects are complex. In order to find the best fit for your project, it’s crucial to understand the types of constructions services available. Then it’s just a matter of finding the best commercial contractor to do that job and deliver high-quality results.

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