Concept Planning


So, you have a big idea for a new construction project. Concept planning is taking that big idea and determining if it’s actually feasible to build. Think of it as the 30,000-foot view. It’s understanding the potential location, the building and program, and determining the important goals of the project. A commercial construction contractor like Ronco Construction can help determine if you have the budget, timeline and ideal location to take your big idea and turn it into reality.

What's it going to cost?

Getting real-time cost feedback helps you understand the true economics of the project.

How long is it going to take?

Knowing the timeline upfront helps identify key resources, materials and expectations.

Why we want to build it?

Understanding the big picture from the get-go aligns project stakeholders.
Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation

Site evaluation is understanding what you can and can’t do — or even what you have to do — with the project based on the potential site. A skilled and knowledgeable general contractor during concept planning can bring a new perspective and expertise to the evaluation process.
Team Assembly

Team Assembly

Some people are good at estimating, while others are better at big-picture management. And others yet who excel at managing the day-to-day construction operations. Each brings a special skillset, viewpoint and experience to a project. And early involvement with a general contractor means you get each of those resources (and that knowledge) throughout the entire project journey.

Project Modeling

Project modeling during concept planning gives you the ability to see the project in 3D — not just a drawing — and interact with it. It gives a better understanding of the overall constructability — the means and methods to deliver the project. That way potential conflicts or issues can be resolved before the first hammer is even swung.