Preconstruction Services

The Blueprint: Vision to Reality

The lion’s share of a project’s success is determined before a shovel even hits the ground. Our preconstruction services process is a calculated, collaborative effort. Ronco’s preconstruction team uses their expertise and creativity to share recommendations for cost- and time-saving options. The value of early insight really shines through when potential risks are identified and eliminated, ensuring project goals are upheld. 


You know how we “bake the cake” from the very beginning. We share the details on quality, pricing and timing so you can see there’s nothing unknown.


We listen. We want to understand your objective and goals, your wants and needs for the project upfront. That way we can make recommendations that make sense.


A budget can make or break a project. That’s why we build the estimate from the ground up. Then analyze and compare to other projects of similar scope. So, you have a real-time estimate you can count on.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Ronco’s dedicated preconstruction services team has over 200 years of combined experience. We use a team approach to create and review estimates so you’re getting access to all that expertise and creativity on your project. It’s likely we’ve seen it all but if not, we’re not afraid to look outside (or above and under) the box to find creative solutions to any challenge.

Real-time Robust Data

Our estimate database is our secret weapon (shhhh). It’s a dynamic powerhouse of information that holds real-time cost data and keeps the pulse on ever-changing market trends. So, when Ronco’s preconstruction services team delivers an estimate, it’s not only accurate, but aligned with the current market so there’s no surprises when it goes to bid. It’s a sense of security and confidence like no one else can provide.

In-Depth and Detailed Analysis

From system analysis to value engineering and management to site logistics and the critical path schedule, we’ve looked at all aspects of the project so you can make informed decisions. We know what’s important to you. We’ve collected, researched and evaluated everything from quality and performance to costing and supply chain management. We’ve done the leg work and are confident we’ve outlined the best path forward.

Emerging and Interactive Technology

Technology during preconstruction drives efficiency, reduces errors and mitigates risk. With 3D modeling and virtual reality, you “walk” the halls of your project before the first nail is hammered. Digital blueprints and project management software means you have access to information anytime, anywhere.