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The Drive Behind the Pink Chariot

Mike L. and Nate B. pose with the Pink Chariot before it hits the road.

Ronco Construction’s Pink Chariot aims to raise awareness and support for Chariots4Hope.

Picture this: It was a sunny day on a golf course in the summer of 2023. Ronco Construction’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike L., and Project Manager, Nate B., decided the golf game they were playing wouldn’t be complete without a friendly competition. The stakes? The loser has a punishment to be decided by the winner. And the length of the punishment is based on how bad they lost. Well, Mike lost, and the punishment timeframe was three weeks.

The Pink Van

Once the outcome of the bet hit the Ronco grapevine, brainstorming on punishment exploded. Ideas like wearing a crazy wig or bad toupee, dressing like a movie character, working from a tiny desk in the Ronco office hallway, or even wearing a hotdog costume were all on the table. Then, there was a suggestion to find a  vehicle and wrap or paint it to be eye-catching (and a little obnoxious). That idea was the winner. Especially since it was Barbie-mania from the release of the summer blockbuster, and a bright pink van was sure to stand out on the streets. So, using that as inspiration, the plan for the pink van was set in motion. Painted a striking bubblegum pink with playful flower decals, this van was designed to turn heads and spark conversations.

Enter Chariots4Hope

As plans for the pink van started taking shape, we knew we wanted to use the attention it was sure to garner to help raise awareness for a worthy cause. That’s where Chariots4Hope comes in. Chariots4Hope is a local nonprofit dedicated to providing reliable transportation to individuals in need. Their mission is to remove transportation barriers that prevent struggling families and individuals from reaching and maintaining self-sufficiency. After learning more about their story, we knew we had found the perfect partner. Through our partnership, we aim to not only raise awareness but also contribute to the life-changing work of Chariots4Hope. So, the pink van became the Pink Chariot.

A Habit of Giving Back

Partnerships like the one with Chariots4Hope isn’t new to Ronco. Since 1976, we’ve made it our mission to not only build structures but also provide support within our community. We believe giving back is ingrained in our DNA — it’s natural for us to look for ways we can make a positive impact where it’s needed most. Our philanthropic program, Ronco Gives, is supported by the company and our employees. We look for ways we can contribute financially, in kind, through volunteerism, or in this case, raising awareness. And each year we find an organization we want to be our focused initiative. In 2022, it was the Foodbank of the Heartland. In 2023, it was Soles4Souls. And this year, it’s Chariots4Hope.

“It all started with my mom and dad,” explains Zak Olsen, Ronco’s second-generation president. “They were very philanthropic minded and constantly looking for ways to help improve our community. I’ve always loved the saying ‘be a fountain, not a drain,’ and opportunities like this allow us to be that fountain and give back.”

See. Snap. Share.

As the Pink Chariot is driving around Omaha, Neb., we’re encouraging everyone to See, Snap, Share. See the van, snap a picture (safely of course and not while driving) and share on social media, tagging @Chariots4Hope and #RoncoGives. For every unique tag we receive in 2024, Ronco Gives plans to donate to Chariots4Hope.

If you want to support Chariots4Hope and their mission through a monetary donation, click here.

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