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A First-of-its-Kind in Nebraska Housing Project

Streck’s apartment complex, The Nest, is officially ready for its new tenants. 

Around two years ago, Streck CEO Connie Ryan decided to take a different approach to recruiting fresh-out-of-college workers and other hourly staff. Build and offer to employees affordable housing near the office. Ryan had noticed that housing and transportation were impacting her current employees and she wanted to help. That’s how the idea of The Nest apartment complex was born.

Streck owned a vacant lot next to their manufacturing facility in La Vista, so after talking with developer Burlington Capital, The Nest apartment complex project was put in motion. Holland Basham and Ronco Construction were brought on to take the project from vision to reality.

The Nest apartments are a 108,400 SF, three-building apartment complex. The 84 units are a mix of studio, one- and two-bed apartments. It features a clubhouse, outdoor pool, fitness center, community areas and underground parking. And the best part? It’s within walking distance from work. 

“If I could sum up my feelings about this project in one word, it would be refreshing,” explains Nate Bledsoe, the project manager for Ronco on this project. “Throughout design and construction, Streck’s perspective was never, “what’s the cheapest way.” It was always, “what’s the best end result for our employees.” Sometimes that meant changes after work was already in place. Or sometimes it meant using materials not typical in a multi-family project. To onlookers, this rationale may have seemed illogical. But it didn’t matter. They were willing to do whatever it took to make sure they had the absolute best finished product — because it was for their employees. And to work on a multi-family project with that point of view was refreshing.”

This development provides Streck employees the opportunity to live in a modern, luxurious apartment complex at an affordable price and marks a new style of employee-housing benefits in Omaha. 

“We’re very pleased with the initial response,” explains Ryan. “We needed something that defines us in a different way. I think the apartments do that.”

The apartment complex officially opened in April.

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