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When Employees Deserve the Best

When Employees Deserve the Best

After one year in the company’s new headquarters, Titan Medical Group has found their place. 

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Ronco Construction put the finishing touches on the tenant improvement project for Titan Medical Group’s company headquarters. Completed in just five months, the third and fourth floors of the West Dodge Pointe office building were transformed into a hub of innovation and collaboration. 

Let’s take a look at how the 46,000 square-foot space has helped Titan foster creativity, productivity and a sense of community for their employees. 

Expansive Workspaces

One of the key features of Titan’s headquarters is the open office area that comfortably accommodates nearly 300 employees. The low cubical walls provide privacy and act as a sound barrier, but still allow for easy collaboration between team members. Add in the abundance of natural light from the big windows, the space feels bright and airy. Each team has their own floor and dedicated space, allowing them to hold group activities without impacting the other teams. The office also features a 545 square-foot conference room equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, enabling seamless presentations and virtual meetings.  

Enhanced Employee Experience

Simple yet impactful upgrades like having enough seating for teams, spaces for training sessions and an inviting breakroom help create a sense of belonging and a positive work culture within the organization. But Titan wanted their new office to address the entire employee experience. 

“The new building is beautiful,” explains Katy Hackworth, Titan’s marketing manager. “It offers our employees a fun workspace with many amenities and gives us the opportunity for additional employee appreciation events that are a big perk. Events like a field day, holiday fun days and potlucks are possible now without feeling like we’re stepping on toes. The new space has helped us tremendously with team growth.”

With the new space, it’s easier to celebrate the most important part of their company — their employees. 

“Our employees work really hard and deserve nothing but the best.” said Hackworth. 

A Lasting Impression

From the minute you walk into the Titan office, you’re immersed in the Titan culture. The company’s signature colors of black and yellow are prominent throughout the office. And there are multiple word walls showcasing their values, company culture and brand. With the modern amenities and thoughtful design, the new office enhances the overall well-being of Titan’s employees and promotes the employee experience they were aiming to achieve.  

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