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Progress Made on the Percipio Office Building

Progress Made on the Percipio Office Building

Ronco's adding the finishing touches to the new Percipio office building.

We're seeing real progress at Percipio’s new office and are excited to cross the finish line on this job. Located at South 71st Street behind Spezia, this two-story, 6,000 SF office building features offices, conference and breakrooms. It includes a custom façade, millwork and decorative steel features as well as a state-of-the-art VRF 9variable refrigerant flow) system to keep tenants comfortable and minimize utility costs.

This project has been special. On paper, it looks like a pretty straightforward, easy job — 6,000 SF, two-story building.

It was anything but.

That 6,000 SF building was built on a 10,000 SF lot that just happens to be located to popular (and busy) Omaha restaurant. Add in meticulous trim work, unique façade materials, concrete retaining walls and laser-cut perforated panels. Then throw a pandemic on top just for fun. Despite the challenging situation, Ronco coordinated contractors, deliveries, and exterior work with precision, secured all materials at offsite facilities, and did a tremendous amount of planning so we can deliver it on time and on budget. 

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